Advancing your relationship


If you were happy with the first date, keep seeing each other for some time before moving further. Don’t proceed too fast; you must really get to know one another before choosing to have a relationship of any kind. If the person shares with you a landline phone number or something, that’s a good sign. It shows that they trust you and want to continue the relationship. It’s now up to you to make a decision: whether to say yes to their invitation or not.
Most significantly – HAVE FUN, because this is what it’s all about. Some people you will come across will not be what you are looking for, and sometimes, you are not what they’re looking for. But if you persevere, you will be doing better and better. Remember that each encounter, no matter what happens, is a learning experience that can make you more successful in the future.
You may meet another person and find your soul mate through an online dating site – just like others that have come before you!
Speaking of soul mates, there are some ways for understanding how to listen to your soul’s quest of seeking the one that is right for you. Not like what is believed in popular belief, soul mate couples are not usually aware of each other at first glimpse. The person who fascinates our ego is seldom the one our soul profoundly desires to be with, and our soul mate is often the person who looks  unsuitable to our ego.
Here are some Guidelines in finding a Soul mate Relationship:
1. Stop looking at your partner’s faults, and start focusing on your own mistakes and finding ways to correct them.
2. Have some time for yourself and meditate, it is a good way to find your center and listen to your soul.
3. Consider the odds that there is a source of wisdom within you that knows better than you do as to which partner will almost certainly be the one to make you happy.
4. Even if it may seem awfully embarrassing or disappointing, always be willing to face the truth. As the old saying goes, “It’s better to suffer the truth than be rewarded for a lie.”
5. If the relationship is no longer fulfilling, learn to let go. It will be better for both of you in the long run. Know that some people are just not meant to be.
6. Don’t be dismayed just because your efforts to find true love have not succeeded in the past. A new approach may turn out to be a good way to get the results further than your expectations.
7. Stop listening to your ego, and start listening to your soul and your guide.
8. Never be worried to ask for what you really want and don’t settle for less, if it’s not what you want then let it be known for if you let things be as they are, it might prove to be regretful in the long run.
9. Don’t be reluctant in moving forward with your relationship, holding out for perfect certainty may make you lose some opportunities.
10. Give your partner every chance to respond, as you trust she or he will. Focus on one relationship at a time, having multiple affairs will just divide your attention to fully understand your relationship with one.
11. Look somewhere else if you’re current partner doesn’t want to share the kind of relationship you have in mind.
12. Know that your soul mate won’t necessarily share your background, or even look the way you imagined them to be.
13. Fate may bring you together with your soul mate over and over again, but it’s up to you to make a decision whether or not to accept and pursue the acquaintance.
14. If you feel hope, don’t act hastily, instead wait patiently to let the true potential of a relationship become clear in their own good time.
15. It is best to avoid those people who make you swoon.
16. It’s wise to proceed carefully when you are blinded by infatuation.
17. True love is never blind; it sees, understands then accepts.
18. Don’t be so confident you can distinguish a potential soul mate with just a glance. You have to truly know someone before you can be sure.
19. Take time to steer away from your ego’s thoughts, in order to get in touch with your soul’s feelings.
20. Calm down, don’t be so eager. You’ll meet your soul mate when the time is right for both of you.
21. Accept no substitutes; remember that your soul won’t be contented with something less than true love.