Safe Dating online : Better safe then sorry


Searching for a date can be as simple as turning on your computer, but if you are not careful you could end up with your heart broken or something far worse. You have to be safe in any dating situation but online dating opens up more of the world to you, exposing you to a wider group of people. The more people that you meet, the bigger the odds that you will run into a bad apple or two in the barrel, You simply cannot go off uninformed. It’s a big bad world out there and the Internet brings it right into your own home.
First things first; know who you are tailing to. Meeting someone in a public chat room for a computer is on how meeting that person in real life is entirely different. If you feel that this might be the one for you proceed with extreme caution Never give a stranger your full name or your home address. Give only your cell phone number if you are giving the number at this point at all. Do not get drawn or bullied into the quiet night at home idea for a first date. If that is the only acceptable idea for him stop talking to him and block him from further contact.
Make sure to let one person knows where you are going when whom you are going out with. Let them know where you are and when to expect you home. Make sure that you have your cell with you and chick in with your friends often. Tell you date upfront you need to touch base with friends because they are worried about you. If he is a decent human being he will understand, if not you might consider ending the date right away.
A better and usually safer option to prowling the chat rooms are the dating sites there are endless sites available some are better than others look around and check out the features before you sign up, there are a few dating sites where membership and all of its benefits to women so research and can save you quite a bit of money. Once you have joined and found your matches, remember, the same rules apply for safety.
Some people are uncomfortable with a Google search for their dates, some will not even consider a date without one. A background search from a reputable site is your best bet. Some sites offer a yearly fee and you can have as many searches as you need, if you are going to be doing a lot of dating you should definitely look into these sites.
It is always best to know at least a little bit about your date. always know the warning signs and have an escape planned if the date goes sour. I know a girl that has a code work for an awful date she calls and announces that she has an emergency and she must go, for this reason, and for added safety do not get into a car with someone you do not know. Take separate cars even if the date is going well and you decided to continue onto a second location, tell him that you will follow him and do not take nor for an answer. A well-mannered man will not want you to be uncomfortable nor will he allow you to put yourself in a potentially unsafe situation. Know your fate a keep it public. Be safe. Use your head.